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Management under mandate

In order to guarantee your heritage goals, we do our best to manage individually your interests. The loyalty of our customers is the best proof of satisfaction of our services since the beginning.

A proximity management

Your manager will define with you an investment strategy as well as the level of risk adapted to your expectations in order to make your assets grow. You can join directly your advisor to discuss about new portfolio transactions, investment strategy or assets allocation.

An offer tailored to your investor profile

We provide 4 types of mandates management :

  • DISCRETIONARY : The objective of management is to obtain a significant growth in assets, without imposing any constraints on the distribution of financial assets, in particular between equity securities and interest rate products. The exposure to each of these classes of financial instruments may represent between 0 and 100% of the portfolio (and in particular the shares) according to the expectations of the manager. The recommendation of this investment is five years.
  • DYNAMIC : The goal is  to achieve a significant growth of the assets, investing mainly in the securities markets (equities) – on average, more than 60% of the investment in value. The recommendation for this investment is at least five years, considering the uncertainties linked to the evolution of the stock markets.
  • BALANCED : The main goal is to ensure a steady growth of capital by investing equally in equity (30-60%) and interest rate equities. The recommendation of this  investment is a minimum of three years.
  • DEFENSIVE : The goal is to seek the best profitability with a high level of security. Assets are mainly invested in interest rate products, but excluding equity securities (equity securities) on an ancillary basis (up to 30% of the value investment). The recommendation of this investment is at least two years.

Our management philosophy

Since many years, our managers prefer a “stock-picking” strategy in the management of mandated accounts. The selected companies are subject to in-depth analyzes, in particular regarding their financial structure, the quality of the management, their business strategy and their ability to generate strong and sustainable growth.

We maintain a privileged relationship with these companies by regularly meeting the managers and following closely the evolution of the results. We don’t have a specific

kind of management (“growth”, “value”, “sector” …) Which allows us to be interested in any society in which we identify a potential.



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The UCITS offered by our company are invested in the financial markets and are likely to experience downward fluctuations; They have no capital protection mechanism.

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MW Gestion informa l’utente che gli  OPCVM presenti sul sito sono autorizzati alla commercializzazione esclusivamente a Lussemburgo. Possono abbonarsi solo i clienti professionali francesi e stranieri (clienti istituzionali, clienti con mandato di gestione) e i residenti lussemburghesi.

Invitiamo pertanto gli utenti non residenti lussemburghesi interessati dagli  OPCVM a contattarci scrivendeno a

Il prospetto, il DICI, le schede mensili, i resoconti annuali e semestrali di ogni  OPCVM a cui si riferisce la Commissione di Sorveglianza del Settore Finanziario (Lussemburgo) sono accessibili sul sito. Ogni sottoscrizione a un OPCVM o a un prodotto sarà possibile solo dopo aver preso atto dei documenti regolamentari in vigore.

L’opportunità di un investimento nei nostri fondi e l’ammontare ragionevole da investire dipendono della situazione personale dell’utente. Per definirli, l’utente deve tener conto del patrimonio personale, dei propri bisogni di natura finanziaria attuali e del proprio grado di avversione al rischio.

Gli  OPCVM proposti dalla nostra società sono investiti in mercati finanziari e possono essere soggetti a fluttuazioni al ribasso ; non fruiscono da alcun sistema di protezione del capitale.

In ogni caso, è vivamente consigliato di diversificare in modo adeguato i propri investimenti per non risultare esclusivamente esposti ai rischi di fondi proposti dalla MW Gestion.

I risultati passati non sono predittivi di risultati futuri e non sono costanti nel tempo.

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